How Should It Fit? | The Timeless Classic Suit 

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Ryan Saunders

How a suit fits can make or break its overall look.

A well-fitted suit is designed to accentuate a man’s best features. It is often a closet staple and what we choose to wear when impressions really matter like weddings, business meetings and other key events.

While styling trends may come and go, there are a number of points worth keeping in mind if you really want to nail a classic suit, such as size, arm length, shoulder width, torso length and body type. We understand that even for the well-versed suit-wearers out there, navigating the do’s and don’ts of how it should look and fit on your body can seem confusing as we often put the most focus on the colour, fabric and details. 

Read on to discover our tips on how to get the perfect fit when choosing your next suit.


When it comes to suit trousers, fit is one of the most important elements in order to look your best. While the style of suit trousers changes from year to year, classic looks for business suits are best in a professional setting. Depending on your build, trouser legs can be cut to a slim or straight fit and they should fit comfortably around the waist and hips with no excess bunching fabric – that is a sign that the rise could be too large. On the other hand, hip creases could indicate the trousers are too tight.

  • Wondering about the trousers break? Just like so many elements of style – it is a personal preference. However, a medium or short break will give you that classic timeless look.


When buttoned up, a perfectly fit suit jacket should create an hourglass shape, with no pulling on the fabric or buttons. The chest should lay flat on the body with the lapels laying smoothly as well. As for the length of the jacket itself, the lower edge should land between the two knuckles on your thumb. 

  • What about the sleeve length? The sleeves are definitely a major giveaway to an ill-fitted suit as they are so prominent. The best rule of thumb here is to stand up with your arms placed by your side, if the sleeve falls to the base of your hand it’s a good sign. 


A perfectly fitted suit should follow the lines of a body so there’s no surprise that the shoulders are the most important feature. If it fits well, there should be no overhang and the jacket should hug the natural form of the shoulders without a wrinkle, bump or crease in sight.

Your Fine Tailored Suits

Some say that there is an art to how a suit should fit and this is something we truly believe in here at Greylan, which is why we take pride in our tailored, made-to measure service. We know it has been a strange couple of years for dressing up, but if you’ve got a special event in your calendar and you’re keen to suit up and find the perfect match – we’re here for all your suit-related needs. 

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