Business Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs

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Ryan Saunders

Are you looking for inspiration to help style your everyday business wear?  You may be ready to take your first steps in to the business world, or perhaps you’ve been working from home for so long that you’ve forgotten how to dress to impress in the office. Either way, we’ve got you covered with a list of what we see as key wardrobe staples that will help bring your business attire together from start to finish.  

It’s Time to Suit Up!

There’s simply no way around it. No man’s wardrobe would be complete without a suit. Whether you’re drawn to a classic black tone or you’re looking for more versatility with a navy blue, having a well-fitted suit in your wardrobe is a must. A tailor made suit that fits perfectly can lend itself to a variety of dress codes from a smart casual look all the way up to formal. 

As an everyday essential, we recommend choosing a clean and simple style of suit. Steer away from busy patterns, bold colours and keep the pinstripes and checks muted. 

That Crisp Shirt

It is no secret that if you’re working in a full time professional setting, you’ll most likely need a selection of shirts, preferably one for every day of the week. White shirts match with almost all suits and can look just as good without a tie as it does with one. Having a simple, well-fitted shirt is the epitome of elegance in a gentleman. An interchangeable item that will take you from the office, to a client lunch and even after work drinks. 

In addition to white, dress shirts can range from solids to stripes and other patterns. As an everyday essential we suggest to keep it clean-cut and simple; opt for a tailor made shirt hat shows you mean business. 

Decorate Your Neck With A Tie 

Wearing a tie helps to boost your personal confidence and professionalism, which is why we suggest adding them to your list of wardrobe essentials. Whilst small in size, they do pack a powerful punch when it comes to looking the part and making a good impression. 

Limit your ties to solids, stripes, or pin dots so that they can perfectly compliment your outfit, without being a focal point. It’s always a good idea to have a varied selection of ties; you don’t want to wear the same one two or three days in a row. 

Walk the Walk With A Classic Pair of Shoes

Shoes are often overlooked as an essential element to a man’s wardrobe, but in fact they are one of the most important. There’s nothing worse than a sharp suit matched with an unpolished, worn pair of shoes. If you want to dress to impress, choose a slim and well-fitted pair of 100% leather oxfords or wingtips in a versatile shade of black or brown. Make sure to maintain them well and keep them polished at all times. 

Find Your Perfect Pair 

Socks may be such a simple thing, but anyone in business knows that attention to small details goes a long way. Here, you can let your creativity shine a bit more, considering they won’t be on show for the majority of the time you’re wearing them. Depending on the climate, alternate from cotton, wool to cashmere calf socks and you’ll never go wrong.

Hold Them Up With a Belt 

Your quality suit deserves a quality belt. In most professional settings, a suit is not complete without a belt; one that adds an extra layer of luxury to your look. Black and brown are both great choices, and a good rule of thumb is to try and match the colour of your belt with the colour of your shoes.

What we love about a classic belt is that it lends itself nicely with other everyday casual styles, making it a great interchangeable essential.

Having these key items in your wardrobe will enable you to dress for any occasion, whether it’s an important business meeting or a work event. Most of these business essentials can also be dressed down for more casual outfits or dressed up for formal affairs – it’s all about flexibility and bringing in your own personal flair.

Here at Greylan, our bespoke suits are tailored to your specific requirements and measurements, guaranteeing a unique and individual item, perfectly fit for you. If you are interested in building up your own wardrobe of business essentials, book a discovery call with us to get started.

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